Treatment Equipments

Kerali Clinic sells various ayurveda equipments and accessories used for Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments

The list of currently available items is given below.
  • Wooden Ayurvedic Treatment dhroni.
  • FRP Droni Heavy duty of (size 9.5 x 34 x 5)
  • FRP Droni Heavy duty of (size 9.5 x 30 x 5)
  • ¬†Wooden stand for FRP Droni
  • Wooden Dhara stand with copper dhara vessel
  • FRP Avagaha Tub for immersion bath
  • Copper Dhara Vessel
  • Traditional Dhara Vessel with String made of mud
  • Shirovasthi Cap (Ordinary)
  • Treatment Pillow
  • Kashayavastiyantram made of bronze with/ without leather pouch.
  • Matravasti yantram made of steel & plastic
  • Soft bed (Cushion Bed) for Droni
  • Kerala Towels stitched large size
  • Loin cloth stitched¬†
  • Green gram flour - 100 gm packets

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