Kerali Specials

A personalized consultation with our Chief Ayurvedic Consultant Dr.Rathish Pooyath (B.A.M.S) will be provided before and after each therapy session. Each therapy will be recommended to the client based on their individual body constitution

Consultations include
  • Insight into the promotive, preventive and curative aspects of Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic assessment and analysis    (Dosha: vata, pitta, kapha)
  • Ayurvedic diet and nutrition counseling
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling

Specialised Treatments

At Kerali Ayurvedic Clinic you will experience what we consider the purest, most committed approach to health & well being through the holistic & natural science of Ayurveda.

Designed for both men & women, Kerali offers specialized Therapies & Treatment Programmes to help restore and enhance the beauty, vigour & vitality of your body.


Shiro Lepam


A complex & famous Ayurvedic treatment, Siro Lepam is very effective in treating Insomnia, chronic sinusitis and migraines.

The treatment begins with application of a blend of very rare herbal oils on the head, followed by a unique head-pack of herbal paste applied uniformly over the head. The entire head is then covered with a plantain leaf and tied using a varthi (special cloth).

It is also beneficial for treating problematic hair conditions such as dandruff, premature graying & non-genetic hair loss.

Siro Abhyangam


This specialized treatment involves the application of blended medicated oils on the head in combination with a special Mukha lepam (face masque) applied on the face. This treatment works wonders to relieve tension & relaxes the mind as well as giving lustrous hair and a golden hue to your complexion.

The particular blend of oils & lepam is customized to suit each individuals Prakruti (body constitution). This is followed by an application of Kumkumadi thailam & a head bath with herbal shampoo.

Siro Dhara


A popular Ayurvedic therapy designed for problems related to the nervous system, insomnia, various headaches and mental stress.

The treatment involves pouring (using a unique method) of either specially blended medicated oils, medicated buttermilk or other decoction over the forehead in a continuous to & fro motion for approx 45 minutes.

This treatment helps increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, thus nourishing the nervous system.


A most complex treatment designed to improve your entire immune system, adding vigour & vitality. Pizhichil therapy also aids in healing of rheumatic diseases, joint pains & other muscular skeletal disorders.

Treatment involves squeezing of warm specially blended medicated oil over the whole body in a continuous manner with simultaneous soft massage. This treatment is also helpful in relieving tension, for nervous disorders, sexual weakness & arthritis.

Pizhichil therapy is regarded as the best rejuvenative process for a healthy person.

Navara Kizhi

This treatment rejuvenates the body by providing strength & toning to the muscles, also beneficial for rheumatic complaints and debility.

A unique therapy in which whole or part of the body is massaged & made to perspire using specially prepared Shastika rice (Oryza plena) boluses. The rice, cooked in a medicinal decoction with milk and packed in muslin boluses is used in the fomentation process for maximum effectiveness.


Podikizhi is the most effective Detoxification treatment for the entire body. A unique mix of various herbal & medicated powders are bundled together in a muslin cloth, these poultices are then warmed and used to massage the entire body. This treatment promotes increased perspiration, helping the skin to eliminate maximum amount of toxins from the body and also aids in toning of the skin. A superbly relaxing process.



Udwarthanam means “to elevate or promote”

A unique and proven Ayurvedic health Programme designed to reduce body fat, improving the tone of the muscles and streamlines your figure. Treatment involves use of Ayurvedic medicines and customized herbal oil massages. A complete and natural therapy designed to suit each individual’s body constitution.  The duration of weight reduction programmes will vary from a minimum of 7 to 14 day treatments.

Post pregnancy Health Programme

The Ayurvedic therapy that helps you regain the firmness, muscle tone and shape of your body following childbirth.  

Post pregnancy programmes may have duration of 1 to 2 months of regular treatments. These complex series of treatments are only prescribed by the physician following a complete consultation. The structure & form of these treatments will be discussed & details will be provided upon inquiry.

** All the therapies/treatments are personalized and prescribed by the Ayurvedic Physician only after an initial consultation.

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A unique Ayurvedic treatment for the whole body that incorporates the application of classical Ayurvedic medicated oil blends on both head & body. It promotes strength, sleep, growth & firmness of hair and is useful for pains, tiredness, debility and old age.
Through enhanced blood circulation using traditional oil massage, the skin texture & complexion are also greatly improved.

The medicated oil is first applied to the head & later warmed oil is applied to the body. This is followed by a pure herbal steam bath. The aromatic herbal blend is customized to suit each individual.

Our Facilities

Separate treatment rooms for gents and ladies
Qualified Male and Female Ayurvedic Therapists
All Therapies are under supervision of a Qualified Ayurvedic Physician

Specialised treatment packages

Low Back Pain, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Paralysis, Slip Disc, Rheumatism Frozen Shoulder, (Periarthritis), Sprains, Migraine, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain Stress & Strain

Specialized Ayurvedic Therapies

Dual purpose treatments for Detoxification & Rejuvenation.

*Exclusive to the region of Kerala (southern province of India), these complex treatments are administered according to the traditional Kerala Ayurvedic practices.


Similar to Podikizhi therapy, however Elakizhi involves a preparatory procedure such as application of medicinal oil on the entire body, followed by a massage using a unique formulation of Ela (herbal leaves) in combination with medicated herbal powders tied in muslin poultices.

Apart from being an excellent Detox treatment, other benefits of Elakizhi therapy include increased mobility of joints and effective relief from muscular aches & pains.